BEST OF SHOW "The Deep End, Southold, NY" William Bullard
SECOND PLACE "Boardwalk, Scene #01" Andreas Kuehn
HONORABLE MENTION "Catching a Wave" Susan Jensen
 HONORABLE MENTION "Hotspot" Rachael Sokolowski
"Night Paddle" Constance Albuquerque
"Ready Set Go" Constance Albuquerque
"Splash Splash" Robert Allen
"Siblings, Southhold, NY" William Bullard
"My Sweet Little Window Licker" Mikayla Cogswell
"Josie the Bubble Master" Rita Colantonio
"Future Firefighters" Donna Doliner
"Lucio Boys" Don Fleet
"Brotherly Love" Maureen Grandmont
"Through the Fence" Wilson Hunt
"Brothers at Bedtime" Laura Johnson
"Nice Guys Finish Last!!!"  David Kelley
"Bubblemania" Michael Klehm
"Zoe x 4" Nadine Krasnow
"Speeding Girl" Jim Lustenader
"Infectious Laughter" Elissa McMeniman
"Morning Snack" Robert Olshansky
"Girl Hunting Shells" Robert Olshansky
"Beach Bum" Russell Price
"Cameron" Lisa Jo Rudy
"Splash!" Karen Shulman
"The Daily Catch" Russell Street
"Well, That Feels Good" Russell Street
"Loving It" Maureen Thomas
"Kids and the Gargoyle" Kurt Turnbull

JUROR: Kelly Bennett

​BEST OF SHOW: "The Deep End, Southold, NY" William Bullard
SECOND PLACE: Boardwalk, Scene #01" Andreas Kuehn
HONORABLE MENTION: "Catching a Wave" Susan Jensen
HONORABLE MENTION: "Hotspot" Rachael Sokolowski

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