E. Joan Horrocks, Homeland Security
Stanley Cronig, Boat in the Marsh
Juror's Choice winner, Larry Pratt, Tasmanian Devils
Shawna Gibbs, Movie Night
Philip Richardson, South Georgia Island
Philip Sweeney. Loading in Winter
Best of Show, Ron Wilson, Storm Clouds Over Buzzards Bay
Ron Wilson, Chase Garden Creek - Yarmouth Port
Gayna Hoffman, Pentimento
Frank Best, Race Point Light
Stephen Fitzgerald, Gator
Kathy Conway, Silent Snow
Randall Foulds, Golden Sands
Paul Murray, Hopes and Dreams
Juergen Roth, Cape Cod Solitude
Russ Price, Cranberry Scoop
E. Joan Horrocks, Shoulders Exposed
Second Place winner, Bob Avakian, Nobska Point Light
Juror's Choice winner, Anthony Delgado, Before the Storm
Michael Malone, Herring Cove Clouds
Images from our The BIG Picture exhibit, July-August, 2012
January by Mikael Carstanjen
February by Elizabeth Ruggiero
March by Amy Neill
April by Steven Koppel
August by Bobby Baker
June by Rita Colantonio
September by Sue Angus
November by Don Fleet
December By Beth Briggs McCormick
May by S. Martin Friedman
July by Don Fleet
October by Hazel Reynolds
January, "Loading in Winter" Philip Sweeney
February, "Chapin Beach, Dennis" Ron Wilson
March, "Glass Tree" Alexa King
April, "Nauset Light at Dusk" Bobby Baker
May, "Cape Cod Laundry" Nancy Bloom
June, "Yellow Dory" Steven Koppel
July, "Beach Buckets" Mary LeBlanc
August, "Provincetown Dune" Cheryl Prevost
September, "Grace" Elizabeth Swain
October, "Looking Through the Grass" Elizabeth Swain
November, "Star Circles" Steven Koppel
December, "Winter Sun" Steven Koppel
Best of Show "Stuck in the Past" Student: Hailey Rogers Category: Chillin'
First Place "Ignoring the Music" Student: Christina Allan Category: myTunes 
High School: King Philip Regional High School
Second Place "Piano Man" Student: Emily Hunt Category: myTunes
First Place "Barber Shop" Student: Ruth Wooster Category: Chillin' 
High School: Brimmer and May School 

Published Artist in The Marble Collection: Massachusetts Magazine of the Arts.
Second Place "Morning Routine" Student: Caroline Roddy Category: Chillin'
Honorable Mention "Disconnect" Student: Addison Dlott Category: myTunes
Honorable Mention "m" Student: Meghan Jones Category: myTunes
Honorable Mention "A Hustler's Dream" Student: Elissa Salas Category:Chillin' 
High School: Lawrence Performing and Fine Arts High School
Honorable Mention "Skating" Student: Julia St. Clair Category; Chillin'
Winning images from our 2014 MA Photo Challenge-A High School Photography Competition 
Director's Choice "Double Vision" Caroline Samson
Best in Show "Half Way There" Mary Dulude
"Dew on Peony" Julie Crowley
"Pair of Slippers" Ziegmont Guzikowski
"Smoke Bombs" Cedar Hickey
"Net #1" Yi-hui Huang
"Crocus in Sunlight" Jim Hutsler
"Sunflower" Jenny Iackey
"Emergence" Sarah McMahon
"Watch Gears" Katelyn Paulino
"Opalescent Nudibranch 9875" George Pellissier
"Nature's Palette" Joan Penn
"Pink Phalaenopsis" Jim Pennypacker
"Tree Cricket" David Phillips
"Anemone Hidden Beauty" David Quinn
"Coneflower Ablaze" Michelle Romanowski
"Fanselfie" Susan Simon
"Hidden Beauty" C. James Smith
"Snowy Clematis" Roberta Sokol
"Cleaning Day" Tony Sullivan
Images from our MACRO exhibit, February 2014 
FIRST PLACE "Nobska Light at Christmas" Michael Petrizzo
SECOND PLACE "Annisquam Light 1" Richard Tranfaglia
HONORABLE MENTION Rachael Sokolowski "Brant Point"
HONORABLE MENTION "Marshall Point Sunset" Richard Tranfaglia
HONORABLE MENTION "Long Point at Twilight" Raj Das
HONORABLE MENTION "Keeper-Old Harbor Lightsaving Station" Amy Davies
Roberta Anslow "Coast Guard Boat CG36500"
"Highland Nightlight" Kevin Bennett
"Moving Highland Light" Christine Brothers
"Nightfall at Chatham Light" Rita Colantonio
"Lighthouse at Key Biscayne" Angelo D'Amato
"Full Moon Over Long Point" Raj Das
"Homeward Bound" Ken Dorman
"Tugboat, Falmouth Harbor" Joe Goodman
"Shipping out to Georges" Jared King
"Sea Rusted New Bedford Light" Karen McDevitt
"USS Constitution" Donnat Mitchell
"Leading out to the Sea" Terri Nickerson
"Polar Star at Marble Point" George Pellissier
"Nobska Light Race" Russ Price
"Nobska at Night" Lisa Jo Rudy
"Fresnal Lens at Asseteague" Susan Simon
"Brant Point Lighthouse" Rachael Sokolowski
"Piering Through" Michael Whalen
"Angel Baby" Michael Whalen
Images from our 2014 Coast Guard Photography Exhibit
BEST OF SHOW "Rhyolite" Lance Keimig
SECOND PLACE "Sepia in Motion" Zachary Ruddell
HONORABLE MENTION "Tower Bridge" Raj Das
HONORABLE MENTION "View from Another Planet" Elizabeth "Lisa" Ryan
Bob Avakian "Into the Light"
"Brooklyn Bridge" Maureen Begin
"One Eternal Round" Val Brinkerhoff
"Veterans War Memorial" Michael Bufis
"Death Valley Junction, Nevada" Craig Ellenwood
"Intercity Waterfall" Dan Gaines
"Night Light" Shaina Gregory
"Rainy Night" Al Hiltz
"9/52" Katie Hodgkins
"Bruges Belgium" David Lear
"Power" Ryan Maheu
"Fan Pier" Derrick Morin
"FREAK OUT.Attraction." Katya Rosenzweig
"Dream a Little Dream" Christine Szczepaniak
"Night at the Citadel" Marc Toso
"USA 2014" Sue Williams
Images from our NIGHT exhibit, August 2014
FIRST PLACE "Metallic Triptych" Brittany Lavallee
SECOND PLACE "Warf" S. Martin Friedman
HONORABLE MENTION "Beach Club" Robert Allen
HONORABLE MENTION "Building Blocks" Susan Paradise-Burke
"Beach Tracks" Kevin Bennett
"Snowy Bush" Stephen Bitel
"Hypnotic View" Sally Bousquet
"The Way We Were" Karen Cohen
"At the Beach" Joan Collins
"Quebec City Fountain" Angelo D'Amato
"Jellyfish" Amy Dance
"The Old Manse Ground" Raj Das
"Ripples in the Sand" Mary Dulude
"Iron Frying Pan" Maryellen Feeney
"Walt's Place" Don Fleet
"Ammonite" Jim Hutsler
"A Shoe in the Grass" Jared King
"Standing in the Moonlight" Lucy Loomis
"Sand Fence and Shadows" Julita Lucas
"Stay Hungry" Amy Neill
"Circular" Terri Nickerson
"Sand Form II" Mark Preu
"Infinity" Russ Price
"Dockside" Alan Strassman
"BLH" Michael Whalen
Images from our Patterns Exhibit, May 2014 
Best of Show "The Sky is Falling" Lisa Redburn
 Second Place "Windmill and Water" Frank Moccaldi
'Honorable Mention "PTown Mannequin" LK Carvounis
Honorable Mention "Boat Under Sky No. 2" Paul Girello
"Tetons Grey Day" Kathleen Coggeshall
"Good Vibrations" Rita Colantonio
"Mimicry" Michele Dragonetti
"Perso nel Pensiero" Audrey Forge
"Beyond the Surface" Candi Kalinsky
"Salt Marsh" John Klingel
"Perfume for my Mannequin" Mary Kostman
"A Reflection of Things Above" Scott Laughlin
"Waiting to March" David Lear
"There is Romance" Lucy Loomis
"Merry" Mollie McPhee Ho
"Adams Estate in the Spring" Camille Neville
"Another Day at the Lake" Judy Reinford
'The Wall" John Schade
"River Edge" Elizabeth Swain
"Twilight at Gregg Woods" Andrea Waxler
Images for our REFLECTIONS exhibit, November 2014
BEST OF SHOW "Snowy on the Prowl" Raj Das
SECOND PLACE "Egret 8379" George Pellissier
HONORABLE MENTION "Wild" Juliana Hilal
"BFFs" Karen Cohen
"Ibis in Unison" Rita Colantonio
"Crabbing" Darcy Dangremond
"A Wader" Kathy Dixon
"Landing Gear" Thalia Haseotes
"Herring Gull Eating a Herring" John Klingel
"Catbird in the Bird Bath" Terri Lake
"Thirsty Bird" Julita Lucas
"Wild Ride" Frank Moccaldi
"Flight" Cheryl Prevost
"Drag Racing" Marcie Scudder
"Dinner Time" Susan Simon
"Cardinal in Blizzard 2015" Kathleen Thomas
"Female Snowy Owl Descending" Terry Turrentine
"Gobble Gobble" Andrea Waxler
"Surf Dawg" Paulina Zuckerman
Juror: Marcia Duggan
Best of Show: "Snowy on the Prowl" Raj Das
Second Place: "Egret 8379" George Pellissier
Honorable Mention: "LOL" Susan Gingras
Honorable Mention: "Wild" Juliana Hilal