Photography Center of Cape Cod, a program of Cape Cod Art Center, sought submissions for their Street Photography Online Exhibition. The top 26 images were chosen and are featured in online galleries on both the Cape Cod Art Center and Photography Center of Cape Cod websites. Photographers were asked to take the public on a photographic journey to an exciting urban environment and they sure delivered!

Thank you to all who submitted and congratulations to the winners!

Juror: Shiv Verma
Winning Participants:
Best of Show-Michael Klehm, “Waiting”
Second Place
-Russell Frayre, “Give Peace a Chance”

Honorable Mention-Ed Friedman, “Shadow of a Former Self”
Honorable Mention-Han Li, “Waiting 1”

"Ignoring the Music" "King and Queens" "Give Peace a Chance" "Out for a Smoke" "Waiting" "Oslo Alley" "Street Soccer" "Waterline, Havana, Cuba" "Walkin" "Yellow Taxi""Rest Stop" "Sad but True" "Sad News" "Shadow of a Former Self" "Waiting 1" "Marilyn" "Using a Payphone in Cuba" "Look!" "Times Sqaure Umbrella" "Member of the Wedding" "15 Bullets" "Two Phones, Five Sleeves" "Subway Ride" "We Take Requests" 'Rainey Night #2" "Young Love"