May 2015

Exhibit Description:
All photographers were invited to submit images that evoked a strong mood or experimentation with the subject matter. Since every region on earth is abundant with unique and beautiful trees, we asked that photographers experiment and show their creativity of composition.

Awards: Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who participated!
Best of Show
“Reaching Out III” David Quincy
Second Place
“Blood Moon” Russ Price
Honorable Mention “Majestic” Michael Klehm
Honorable Mention “Botany Bay” Rachael Sokolowski

Juror: Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano



"Low-Hanging Branch" "Redwood Grove" 'Winter Tree 2" "Medallion" "Powderhouse Tree" 'And Once There Was a Tree" "Resting Place" "Boston Public Gardens" "Vermont Birch Forest" "London Plane Tree II" "52 Shades of Gray""Unobstructed Fall 1" "Tree Time""Reflections of Spring" "Pink" "Majestic" "Birches" "Tree with Butterfly" "Blood Moon" "Reaching Out III" "Overshadowed" "Tree Halos" "Threatening""Trees and Greenhouse" "Botany Bay"