BLACK & WHITE 2018 Juror: David H. Wells It was fascinating going through all of the very interesting and compelling black-and-white work. The images that I selected were all very well, if not perfectly executed. I was looking for images that were a good balance of form, regarding the composition and content, in terms of what I was actually seeing in the image. To me, the best photographs are a balance of the two, form and content. As I narrowed down my selection to find the very best, I was looking for images that had one thing more, that might be an especially compelling moment, it might be unusual light, or an extraordinary story within the image, any of a number of other things that made the photograph stand out compared to the rest. Congratulations to the winners. - David H. Wells

Best of Show: "Conflict" by Diane Richter
Second Place: "Batman" by Debra MacPherson
Honorable Mention: "Sunset Tree #5" by Angelo "Scott" D'Amato
Honorable Mention: "Snow Covered Walkway" by Darcy Dangremond

"The Carousel" "Morning News" "Dinghie Dock" "Bay Schooner" "Snow Covered Walkway" "Sunset Tree #5""Bilbao Soccer Stadium" "Amsterdam Reflection" "Plum Island Abstract" "Night" "Going Uptown" "Marsh Grass, Scene #01" "Shadow" "Tidepool, Scene #01""Batman""Convergence""Busy People" "Path of Least Resistance" "Roller Mom" "Glass Doorknobs" "The Gateway" "Snuggled" "El View in Bklyn""Alone" "Conflict" "On the Platform""Doors""Imbabala Birds" "Sir James" "Newport Gazebo" David H. Wells - Juror