"In Motion"

A big thank you to all who participated in the "In Motion" Photography Online Exhibit. We received many wonderful entries.

Guest Judge: Mark Bowie

Congratulations to our award winners!
First Place: "Astral Weeks" by Gary Ricketts
Second Place: "The Dance" by Diane Richter
Honorable Mention: "Traffic Circle" by Will Thompson
Honorable Mention: "The Dance Teacher" by Rita Colantonio "County Fire" "The Pitch""Contemplative" "The Furies, Fabric Admist Destruction, Katrin Dohse""Bethany Beach Silhouette" "Blind" "Newcastle Upon Tyne UK" "The Dance Teacher" "The Recital" "Nighttime Motion" "White Crest Beach" "Joy""Motion on the Dunes" "Motion for Emotion" "Emma the Magician" "Folk Dancers" "Motion Stopped" "Blue Chevy on the Malecon at Night" "Dancer" "Come Dance with Me" "Fiat Lux" "Stormy Sunrise" "Gotcha!" "Ross Sea Orca 09" "Friend" "Split" "The Dance" "Astral Weeks" "Ghost Walk" "Young Dancer" "Snail Triptych" "Unmasked Mayhem" "59th Street Bridge" "Sprinting Home" "Rapid Thinking" "Traffic Circle" "Dreaming in Gold" "Like the Flames of a Windy Heart" "Whamo" "Redford Shaking Off"